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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – Men

Here are the pictures from the catwalk, 10 September 2011. There were only three male models. I like the model with pink shirt below. When he looks cool while he does not smile but he’s cute when he smiles (look at next picture where he smiled)


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Thinking spring, you might think of fashion festival. Yes, this week is fashion week. So we went to City Square Park, Melbourne to enjoy the catwalk. As we were told by the event volunteer/crew that the show would start at 3.30pm, we got there about 2.55pm thinking that we might be able to get a seat. Unfortunately, we did not get a seat although we were in the front queue. The seat allocation was not based on how early you are, but it was very random.

I will share some pictures which were taken on the catwalk. I hope enjoy it. I myself enjoy the ambience of the event, however for me the fashion was not very stunning. I was expecting more of the dresses which people could wear for Cup day (horse racing) in November, but most of the fashion shown is casual type.


The above picture is the stage where the models performed their catwalk. I took a close up look of the accessories of the stage decoration.

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East and West

In this post, I’d like to share the differences between eastern culture (i.e. Asian in general) and western culture. The icons used in this post were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany.

Some of you may disagree (as I do) to some of the icons, but they represent each culture in general.

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More pictures of Melbourne city

I just can’t get enough pictures of the city where classic and modern buildings stand side by side.

Pictured above is Victoria State Parliament building. It is near to Treasury or Fitzroy Garden.

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Do you know that…

Unlike Singapore where giving up your seat to the needy is on voluntary basis, in Melbourne giving up seat is ruled under a legislation. And of course, fine applies if you failed to give up your seat to senior citizen, person with disabilities, pregnant woman, and woman with babies or children.

I think it’s a good idea…

Another one of the four train stations that commonly known as City Loop in Melbourne CBD. The name comes from a star constellation (and guide stars) in southern hemisphere.

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Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne

Located just beside the Shrine of Remembrance is Royal Botanic Garden. In my opinion, the garden is bigger than the one in Singapore and it is more spacious too. Well, I got lost inside and had to consult my map a couple of times to find a way out (which is different from my way in >.<).

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Shrine for those who perish in war

If you visit Melbourne, either by joining a tour or by yourself, make sure you visit Shrine of Remembrance. It is located near to the city (in fact, you can see it from Swanston St).

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Pictures of the city

Some random pictures of Melbourne city taken on various times.

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Flinders Station

One of four train stations that encircle Melbourne CBD area. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River. It was officially opened in 1910. You can visit Wikipedia for more information about the history of this station. This station is one of many buildings in Melbourne that are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

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