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Census on 9 August 2011

For all of you who reside in Australia or will be in Australia on 9 August 2011, please note that you have to participate in the census. Census in Australia is done every five year, and this year is the 100 year of census. I am really looking forward census this year, I will be contributing to the census as a Census Collector. Interested to know what does a Census Collector do? Well, if you do, stay tuned.

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Census Interview

So I have finally been called for an interview next week for my application as a census collector. I applied this job to get an experience and also additional income, of course! Does anybody know what type of questions they will be asking?

I would be grateful if you could share your experience in the census interview if you had been to one. I am pretty nervous at the moment. I am also being informed that they would need to view my driving license, I am worried about this as my current license is only L “Learners”. And I seem to have lost my Indonesian driving license. My practical driving test is scheduled for next month, I hope they allow it >.<