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Opal oh.. opal

I’ve been wondering for quite some time about this – there are a lot of shops selling opal in Melbourne CBD area. I just found out that opal is the national gem for Australia.

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Census on 9 August 2011

For all of you who reside in Australia or will be in Australia on 9 August 2011, please note that you have to participate in the census. Census in Australia is done every five year, and this year is the 100 year of census. I am really looking forward census this year, I will be contributing to the census as a Census Collector. Interested to know what does a Census Collector do? Well, if you do, stay tuned.

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Uhmm… I’m Speechless

It was on local news two days ago and I think it would be worthwhile to post it here. It happened during a match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea in Women’s Soccer World Cup. One of the Guinea’s defender just caught the ball with her hands after it bounced off the side bar. Well, may be she thinks it was practice match.

Shrine for those who perish in war

If you visit Melbourne, either by joining a tour or by yourself, make sure you visit Shrine of Remembrance. It is located near to the city (in fact, you can see it from Swanston St).

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Queen’s Birthday

Tomorrow, 13th June 2011 is the public holiday for all parts of Australia except for West Australia. West Australia celebrates Queen’s birthday on last Monday of September or first Monday of October. In all other parts of Australia, we celebrate Queen’s birthday on second Monday of June. As it always falls on Monday, that means ‘Long Weekend’.

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I am sure most of you in Australia, if not all, would have heard about the IPO for Royal Wolf. The IPO was opened on Friday, 20th May 2011, and will close on Friday, 27th May 2011. The IPO price is $1.83 per share, but the minimum investment is $2,000 AUD, which is equivalent to approximately 1,092 shares. I believe the IPO is only opened to investors in Australia.

Royal wolf is in the industry of leasing and selling shipping containers. The main markets are in Australia and New Zealand. The proceeds of the IPO are intended to pay off the debts and license fees, and also to cover IPO-related expenses.

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Driving in Melbourne

I had always thought driving in Melbourne was way easier than that in my hometown, Medan Indonesia. In my hometown, traffic is always congested and drivers like to overtake another car although it is not safe to overtake. Besides, the distance between one car and another is so close in my hometown. This is my perception when I first came to Melbourne.

I had not changed my perception until I took driving classes in Melbourne. The driving itself is easy, but the difficult part is to know the maximum speed you should drive in each street. In build up area, your speed limit is 50km/hr. In this zone, you must drive approximately 45km/hr to 50km/hr. In other zone, the speed limit is 60km/hr while at school times, 8am-6pm, the speed limit can be 40km/hr.

When my mom taught me how to drive in Medan, I had always been cautious of the cars next to mine. They can hit our car anytime. In here, you still have to worry about this, but you will be more worried about the speed limits, hook turn area, traffic signs, etc. We have a really good security in place such as speed cameras. So you really have to keep an eye on your speed if you do not want to be fined.

Maybe it is a challenge in the beginning. Once I know the speed limit for the streets I travelled most, I might not find it challenging anymore.

Peninsula Hot Springs

If any of you are planning to come to Melbourne, Australia, I would suggest you drop by at Mornington Peninsula, which is approximately 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne city.

There are a lot of attractions which you could find in there such as strawberry farm, vineyard, cherry farm, tulip farm, hot springs, ashcombe maze, moonlit sanctuary and cape schanck lighthouse. But for this post will only cover Peninsula Hot Springs only. I will cover the others in other posts. So, stay tuned Smile


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Getting your Australian driving license

If you are interested in getting driving license in the State of Victoria, Australia, you should follow the following steps:-

  1. Sit for learners test
  2. Practice driving
  3. Sit for Hazard perception test
  4. Sit for practical driving test

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