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Sometimes, simplest idea is the best…

Found an interesting video on Youtube. I am Amazed by how simple the idea is and how huge the impact is to people’s life.


Modern Warfare 2 VS Battlefield 3

I think the gaming industry nowadays try to milk out as much money as possible from first person shooter (FPS) genre. The two newest titles to milk which will come later this year are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

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Uhmm… I’m Speechless

It was on local news two days ago and I think it would be worthwhile to post it here. It happened during a match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea in Women’s Soccer World Cup. One of the Guinea’s defender just caught the ball with her hands after it bounced off the side bar. Well, may be she thinks it was practice match.

5 centimeters per second…

Have been listening to this song for few weeks now.

It’s from an anime (a.k.a. Japanese animation show) called 5 cm per second: a chain of short stories about their distance by Makoto Shinkai. If you are a big fan of “slice of life” anime, then you should watch it.


I do not own the video. “One more time, one more chance” is a song by Masayoshi Yamazaki, owned by Polydor Japan and re-released by Nayutawave Records.

New Transformers 3 Trailer

Where is Sentinel Prime?

I do not own the video. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” or “Transformers 3” is being released by Paramount Pictures on 1 July 2011, produced by Steven Spielberg, and directed by Michael Bay.

Graduation Song

Wish my schools and universities had cooler songs for graduation. I recall during my undergrads graduation ceremony, the choir group sang a pretty sad song. Too bad I’ve forgotten the title.

How about yours?

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For those who like to know the history of Singapore in a simple and funny way, watch the video below. Listen carefully to the song’s lyrics.