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More pictures of Melbourne city

I just can’t get enough pictures of the city where classic and modern buildings stand side by side.

Pictured above is Victoria State Parliament building. It is near to Treasury or Fitzroy Garden.

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Southern Cross Station

Another one of the four train stations that commonly known as City Loop in Melbourne CBD. The name comes from a star constellation (and guide stars) in southern hemisphere.

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Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne

Located just beside the Shrine of Remembrance is Royal Botanic Garden. In my opinion, the garden is bigger than the one in Singapore and it is more spacious too. Well, I got lost inside and had to consult my map a couple of times to find a way out (which is different from my way in >.<).

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Shrine for those who perish in war

If you visit Melbourne, either by joining a tour or by yourself, make sure you visit Shrine of Remembrance. It is located near to the city (in fact, you can see it from Swanston St).

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Pictures of the city

Some random pictures of Melbourne city taken on various times.

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Flinders Station

One of four train stations that encircle Melbourne CBD area. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River. It was officially opened in 1910. You can visit Wikipedia for more information about the history of this station. This station is one of many buildings in Melbourne that are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

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Westona suburb

Went to Westona area with bunny to look for one of two Melbourne’s wastewater treatment plant. I needed to go there as I submitted an application for a position with Melbourne Water. Unfortunately, we got lost and instead of getting to the treatment plant,  we found a bird-watching swamp with a nice view.

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Fitzroy Garden @ Melbourne

A beautiful garden located just beside the bustling Melbourne CBD area. It is called Fitzroy Garden and some people refer it as Treasury Garden as the Melbourne’s Government Treasury building is just a stone’s throw away.

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Tune Hotels coming to Australia!!

This morning, I was welcomed by a good news, at least it is a good news for me. Tune Hotels are coming to Australia. They have bought some properties in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. It is expected that the one in Melbourne will be opened before Christmas 2012.

I have never stayed in Tune Hotels before, but heard a great deal of it. Had been wanting to stay on the hotels but had never got a chance as most of them are in Malaysia. I normally stopover in Singapore thus always miss that chance.

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Bridge Road

Went with bunny (the other author of this blog) yesterday to Bridge Road for apparels shopping. Frankly, I was unprepared for the winter in Melbourne. I didn’t bring proper winter jacket from Singapore as my luggage were so heavy at that time and have exceeded the flight allowance.

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