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紅蓮裝曹操模型 Cao Cao red lotus armour

Some close up pictures on Cao Cao red lotus armour (it includes the horse, but we have not built the horse yet). The sticker has not been placed yet (except the eye stickers). The stickers are not placed as Markuri plans to paint it. The pictures shared in here are raw (i.e. not yet painted).


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China Square

Located at Chinatown, Singapore, it is considered as heaven for those who love action figures and candy toys. It’s also a good place to look for some figures or toys that are obsolete in market. There is a good chance that you can find them here.

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Sunshine Plaza

Went to Sunshine Plaza with Heathorn and two overseas friends last Saturday. If you are a Japanese pop culture fan, you’ll know this place.

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Latendo Toyshop

Latendo is one of many toyshops in Singapore. It specializes in selling figurines and gachapon toys, with only a few model kits inside. It is located on the fifth floor of Funan Digital Life Mall, right in front of Kawaii Maid café.

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A Small event yesterday

Went to Funan Digital Life Mall yesterday for a small event. This shopping mall sells IT related items and unlike Sim Lim Square, most of the sellers here are honest and authorized distributors of the things they sell.

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Macross VF-1 from Origami


Found this interesting piece of art while browsing the internet. VF-1 from original Macross series made from origami (Japanese’s art of folding paper).

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MG 1/100 Sinanju Ver. Ka.

Bought it in September 2009, but yet to finish it till date >.<

The free item (metal emblem with Sinanju head carving on one side, if I’m not mistaken) is only available if you purchase this MG Sinanju in Singapore or Malaysia.

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Mid-year competition 2010

Went to Ngee Ann City Plaza yesterday to see Bandai mind-year gunpla competition 2010. This time the theme is MG and SD gundam. Here are some of the entries. Enjoy….

Look at the gloss O.O

My favourite entry this year (last year it was Kaizer Raiser)

Full Armor Sinanju?

The Gohan is scratch built I believe

Check mate???

Poor Guntank...

Now we have FA ABF... ^ ^

And lots of SD Sangokuden on display…. ^ ^

Evangelion 2.22

Anybody watched Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance? I thought they were going to make the movie according to the manga? Why so sudden they changed the plot and IMHO, it is weird (all those the beginning of third impact, awakening of EVA unit 1). Is it because GAINAX hasn’t finished up the manga? Or they see that this particular franchise is still profitable in the long run, like the Gundams. Well you can see from the figurines with “You Can (Not) Advance” tag and the introduction of new character (and I believe new eva unit used by the twelfth angel).

Apart from the story line, I think the animation art is very nice and the OST too. I like it a lot. It just fits into the battle scene (and the rainbow after each battle ^ ^). The new weapons and equipment for the EVAs are just great. For those who haven’t watched it, I won’t give any spoilers. I can say that this OVA is worth watching and if you are a hard=core fan for Evangelion series, I believe you will get the figurines too.

Some of the figurines with “You Can (Not) Advance” tag (aren’t they beautiful? ^ ^).

Eva unit 2 with booster equipment

Eva unit 1 "KAI" from Robot Damashii

Revoltech Asuka Langley with new plug suit design

Mari Makinami with entry plug cockpit seat

And some of the plamo from Bandai,

EVA unit 1 "awakened"

EVA unit 1

Pictures are from various sources.

Report from Toy Carnival 2010

Well, I went to Toy Carnival yesterday and it shocked me that the show actually is a part of electronic expo and gaming expo (^ ^)… The event itself is not too big, but you can definitely find a lot of cheap toys (and Gunplas) over there. Didn’t purchase anything cause as I said in my previous posting, I need to save money this year (after trips to Australia and Taiwan). A lot of activity zones in the expo such as FIFA world cup challenge (LAN/online game), World of Warcraft play zone, then we have show case of 3D televisions etc.

Ok, here are some pictures I snapped from the show (taken with HD mini). I focused mainly on the toys section of the expo.

Overview of the Toy Carnival "corner"

You can see how cheap they are...!!!!!

Lots of Sangokuden o.O

And this…

Mark III battle damaged version

Oh, and there is Blizzard booth and you can try out Starcraft 2 in it. The game definitely worth playing… the graphic is awesome and the units…. man, I’m speechless… tried for a couple of minutes during the expo and I could say I’m going to get this game when it is released in July (….. oooppsss, just realized that I need to purchase a new laptop for it…. no money… *sob*)