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How earthquake is measured

Found an interesting article on how earthquake is measured from USGS (United States Geological Survey). For those who don’t know what is USGS, you can visit Wikipedia for more information.

How an earthquake is measured in this modern era.


Opal oh.. opal

I’ve been wondering for quite some time about this – there are a lot of shops selling opal in Melbourne CBD area. I just found out that opal is the national gem for Australia.

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Do you know that…

Unlike Singapore where giving up your seat to the needy is on voluntary basis, in Melbourne giving up seat is ruled under a legislation. And of course, fine applies if you failed to give up your seat to senior citizen, person with disabilities, pregnant woman, and woman with babies or children.

I think it’s a good idea…

Do you know that…

Certain areas in Singapore are covered by free Wifi network? For more information, visit here.

Do you know that…

Do you still remember how were you a couple of days ago on Friday?Did you feel unlucky on that day? And did you know that last Friday was Friday the 13th?

In western countries, many perceives that Friday 13th is an unlucky day. Do you know its origin why Friday the 13th is considered as unlucky day?

I had always thought that it was because of Christianity beliefs. There was 13 people sitting on the table on the last supper, which results in Jesus being crucified. And Friday was the day Jesus was crucified (which is now commemorated as Good Friday)

When I went to my friend, ‘Google’ whom directed me to Wikipedia, I found some other backgrounds.

I would agree to Wikipedia that in Spanish-speaking countries, they consider Tuesday the 13th day as unlucky day, as I was also advised the same thing by my Spanish friend. As to the reason why, she herself is not so sure as well, it has been a tradition.

Whether or not it is in fact unlucky is questionable. However, I had an Italian friend who believed that Friday 13th is a good day. I do not know if it is only for her or all Italians believe so. So what do you think?

Do you know that…

In Singapore people use tissue pack to “chop” (Singlish for booking) a table? It is common practice in hawker centre, food court and school canteen.

So, when you want to have a meal in Singapore and you see there is tissue pack on the table, don’t sit on that table or risk being scolded (yes, Singaporean are “fierce” people).

Do you know that…

Watching porn online (a.k.a streaming) in Singapore is allowed but downloading or purchasing a hard copy is against the law?

An interesting regulation don’t you think?

Do you know that…

Singapore is known by some people as “Bubble-tea country”? It’s because lots of people like to drink bubble-tea here (including me ^ ^)

Do you know that….

Thinking of starting a new category in my blog and so this “Do you know that…” topic came into my mind. Well, some information might not be necessary true, therefore, I will always use the word “might” in this category. Feel free to comment and make it right if I say something wrongly. The purpose of posts made under this category is to develop an awareness and respect of other countries’ way of living (and culture or habit).

Let’s start on the first one.

Do you know that stepping on grass might get you fined in Singapore?

So check for the sign “Do not step on grass” before stepping onto one.