Some close up pictures on Cao Cao red lotus armour (it includes the horse, but we have not built the horse yet). The sticker has not been placed yet (except the eye stickers). The stickers are not placed as Markuri plans to paint it. The pictures shared in here are raw (i.e. not yet painted).


Was dishearten when the box is opened. There are so many things in there. Most of the black ones are for the horse. P1020998Spent approximately one hour and fifteen minutes building it (excluding the horse).P1030017P1030019

I like the wings. It makes Cao Cao look more elegant. Even the color prior to painting is very nice. However, with the wings and everything at his back, unfortunately Cao Cao cannot stand. His backpack is too heavy.


Did not have a time today to build the horse, so we’ll share the picture from the box. It looks nice, isn’t it? And also it comes with a red transparent stand too…P1030025