For all of you who reside in Australia or will be in Australia on 9 August 2011, please note that you have to participate in the census. Census in Australia is done every five year, and this year is the 100 year of census. I am really looking forward census this year, I will be contributing to the census as a Census Collector. Interested to know what does a Census Collector do? Well, if you do, stay tuned.

Census collector’s main jobs are:-

  • Handing out census form
  • Assist people with the completion of census
  • Collecting census form

Do you have to complete the census form? Yes, it is compulsory. If you refuse, you may be fined $110 per day. So you have better complete your census form or complete one online, if you do not want to be fined. Our area supervisor dislikes  us, the census collectors mentioning about the fine, as she prefers the people to understand the benefit of census itself. Do not worry about the privacy issue, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is bound by the privacy act, ABS is not sharing any information with any other government bodies such as ATO or DIMIA etc. I have also signed my contract and I am bound by the privacy act even after my employment is terminated (i.e. end of census).

Every census collector has been given a yellow bag and has been issued an identity card. These two items have to be brought when we are on duty. They are to be returned at the end of the employment. This way it should be easy for you to spot a census collector.

I have been assigned a very dense area and my area supervisor has been emphasising to me that I have got the biggest workload in our team. But the weird thing is I am the only full time worker in the team. The others are retirees, university students and self-employed people.

I am really looking forward it. I will commence my first door knocking this Thursday, after 6pm of course. I will share interesting thing about the process. I have never done marketing/sales before but this will be my first one. Promoting census and persuading people to partake in the census is marketing. The reason I accept this job is because I want to improve my self-confidence and persuasion skill. So, for sure I won’t use the fine of $110 per day as a threat for people to complete the census.

Watch out for me, I might be outside your house knocking at your door.