Another one of the four train stations that commonly known as City Loop in Melbourne CBD. The name comes from a star constellation (and guide stars) in southern hemisphere.

I love the design of the station as it promotes natural light penetration and ventilation.

A newly applied ticketing system which is similar to EZ-link in Singapore. Since in Melbourne there are various ticketing rules on various days in the weekdays and weekends, the programming of such system is difficult. Hence, currently, the system is still in a mess. I always get confused about when to tap in and out, when the fare will be deducted from my balance. For your information, different from Singapore in which fare is based on how far you travel, in Melbourne the fare is flat AUD 3.

The timetable display in the station which is similar to the one in the airport. The station also serves regional train travels.

The station’s operator offices which is unique in design.

You can see Etihad Stadium from this station.