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Census on 9 August 2011

For all of you who reside in Australia or will be in Australia on 9 August 2011, please note that you have to participate in the census. Census in Australia is done every five year, and this year is the 100 year of census. I am really looking forward census this year, I will be contributing to the census as a Census Collector. Interested to know what does a Census Collector do? Well, if you do, stay tuned.

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Breakfast by Markuri

This is my first breakfast which was cooked by our author Markuri.  Simple and not too much for breakie.


With the bacon, we prefer to put them in oven for approximately 7-10 minutes. I like it when the the bacon is crunchy. I myself prefer oven rather than pan-fry. After cooked, I used paper towel to absorb the oil. I love this breakfast, as I am a big fan of bacon!!! So now, any idea what to have for tomorrow breakfast?

Modern Warfare 2 VS Battlefield 3

I think the gaming industry nowadays try to milk out as much money as possible from first person shooter (FPS) genre. The two newest titles to milk which will come later this year are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

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Uhmm… I’m Speechless

It was on local news two days ago and I think it would be worthwhile to post it here. It happened during a match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea in Women’s Soccer World Cup. One of the Guinea’s defender just caught the ball with her hands after it bounced off the side bar. Well, may be she thinks it was practice match.

More pictures of Melbourne city

I just can’t get enough pictures of the city where classic and modern buildings stand side by side.

Pictured above is Victoria State Parliament building. It is near to Treasury or Fitzroy Garden.

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Do you know that…

Unlike Singapore where giving up your seat to the needy is on voluntary basis, in Melbourne giving up seat is ruled under a legislation. And of course, fine applies if you failed to give up your seat to senior citizen, person with disabilities, pregnant woman, and woman with babies or children.

I think it’s a good idea…

Another one of the four train stations that commonly known as City Loop in Melbourne CBD. The name comes from a star constellation (and guide stars) in southern hemisphere.

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