Located just beside the Shrine of Remembrance is Royal Botanic Garden. In my opinion, the garden is bigger than the one in Singapore and it is more spacious too. Well, I got lost inside and had to consult my map a couple of times to find a way out (which is different from my way in >.<).

If you are coming from the Shrine, you’ll see the garden’s visitor centre just before the entrance. You can find various souvenirs inside. I like the jacket sold inside but it is quite expensive.

The map of the garden located just after the entrance. You can get a brochure with map in it with you here.

The Ian Potter Children’s Garden soon after you entered the garden. You can find one in Singapore Botanic Garden too which is near to NUS Bukit Timah Campus.

This tree is called Queensland Bottle Tree which I believe because of the shape of the stem.

A couple of shots using Macro function on Lumix LX-5.

A weird tree… that’s why I took the shot.

The sky was clear and sun shined brightly… but it was cold…

A stadium, not clear for what purpose. Most probably for footy (slank word for Australian football).

Based on the map, this place is called Temple of the Wind. Maybe because it’s windy around the place.