Phew… what a busy week I had last week. Sorry guys and gals for not updating my blog for a while. A couple of family members of bunny (aka second author of this blog) came to Melbourne and I had to joined them exploring the city. The good thing was I enjoyed lots of good foods (and not to mention the cholesterol).


It’s not prawn nor lobster. It’s called crayfish. It has larger size than prawns but smaller than lobster. Using boxing classification as analogy, prawn is light weight, lobster is heavy weight and crayfish is middle weight. We ordered crayfish with mushroom sauce and fries (which was a bit too salty).

A seafood platter which consists of prawns, raw oysters, a type of crayfish, and bruschetta. All the seafood on this plate are cold and salty (>.<)

Italian wood-fired pizza with crayfish and asparagus. The size is pretty big.

Salad made from fresh vegetables with sour sauce as appetizer.

And the last one is this seafood spaghetti with calamari, mussel and some clams. Oh, and one last thing. I ate this food at Emporio della Pasta at Crown Hotel Melbourne.