Went to Westona area with bunny to look for one of two Melbourne’s wastewater treatment plant. I needed to go there as I submitted an application for a position with Melbourne Water. Unfortunately, we got lost and instead of getting to the treatment plant,  we found a bird-watching swamp with a nice view.

The railroad reminds me of my hometown.

At least we found something related to Melbourne Water. According to Google Map, this swamp is part of the treatment plant, minus the road to the plant.

And as many other treatment plants, it is close to sea (Port Philip Bay).

As we decided to go back to city, the night has fallen. Since it is winter, the day is shorter. The shot was taken around 5.30 pm.

Many of the train station in suburb area are un-manned. If you have troubles and need information, there are red and green button near the platform entrance. Push red in case of emergency and green for train schedules.

One more thing, the train station reminds me of the one from 5 cm per second anime (minus the snow).