One of four train stations that encircle Melbourne CBD area. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River. It was officially opened in 1910. You can visit Wikipedia for more information about the history of this station. This station is one of many buildings in Melbourne that are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

This is one of many reasons I like Melbourne. The city itself is full of artistic buildings and each building is unique with its own story.

Each pair of platform in the station can be reached by taking escalator down.

Eureka tower can be seen from here. It is the tallest building in Melbourne. You can climb up to 88th floor to enjoy Melbourne’s skyline (similar with Taipei 101 in Taiwan or Marina Bay Sands’ Sky Park in Singapore). If you see the building from outside the station and in the morning, you’ll get this.

The reflective coating on the windows reflects back morning sunlight creating a beautiful ray in front of it.