This morning, I was welcomed by a good news, at least it is a good news for me. Tune Hotels are coming to Australia. They have bought some properties in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. It is expected that the one in Melbourne will be opened before Christmas 2012.

I have never stayed in Tune Hotels before, but heard a great deal of it. Had been wanting to stay on the hotels but had never got a chance as most of them are in Malaysia. I normally stopover in Singapore thus always miss that chance.

The rooms are similar to those five star hotels, but you have to pay for what you use, such as air conditioner, television, hair dryer, towels etc. Well, if you brought your bathroom set, you can save that money for those you don’t use. Isn’t that a great idea?

I am excited about it coming to Melbourne, though it means I may not stay in there, as I have a home in Melbourne. Hopefully, we can improved our tourism once the hotels are opened. Hopefully by having more tourists coming to Australia, government would have sufficient money to be back on track with the targeted budget and reduce the taxes that we have to pay.

I have been asked by lots of my overseas friends about budget accommodation in Melbourne, but not backpackers type. I guess once this is opened, I might be the first who promote the accommodation to my mates.

Source: The Age