We have finally run out of ideas of what to cook. So, we decided to have an easy one, home made burger. The preparation time is only about 15-20 minutes.



It is not very photogenic but it does taste nice. We got the minced beef and buns from Costco and lettuce, tomatoes and cheese from Safeway.


  • 150g of minced beef
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • mayonnaise
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • pepper



  1. Add 1 tsp of soya sauce, 1 tsp of sesame oil and pepper powder to the minced beef, mix and shape it round (depends on your preference, if you like thicker beef patties, you can add more mince beef)
  2. Set aside your mince beef, start preparing the lettuce, and tomatoes. Wash and slice/dice your lettuce and tomatoes
  3. Heat up wok with 1 tsp oil. Once hot, fry the beef patties.
  4. While waiting for the beef patties to cook, prepare the bun. If the bun has not been cut into two, then do so. After that, you can either heat up the bun in microwave for 10-15 seconds or you can apply some butter/margarine to the bun and pan fried for 2-3 minutes.
  5. The bun will be soft once it is warm. If you heat it up from microwave, make sure you do not over heat it.
  6. Put the sliced/diced lettuce and tomatoes onto the bottom bun. Add mayonnaise
  7. Once the beef patties is cooked, place the patties on top of the lettuce and tomatoes.
  8. Place the cheese on top of the patties. I love it when the cheese melts because of the heat from the patties.
  9. If you love hot burger, you can add chilli sauce on top of the cheese. Then place the crown of the bun.

I do not like my burger to be really thick, as I find it hard to eat. So I did not add fried egg to my burger, but you may do so. Just one thing to keep in mind, make sure you place the cheese in between the hot stuffs (fried egg and beef patties) so it melts.