Just read the news this morning that there was flood in some areas in Singapore.

Flash floods in Singapore

And as usual, the responsible ministry tries to find excuses and scape goat.

Pointing-finger habit in Singapore

Well, from my point of view, it’s not only the weather pattern and size of drainage. If any of you visit Singapore regularly from time to time, you will notice the green space is actually getting smaller and smaller. Many parts of the land are redeveloped into residential or commercial complex. Take a look at the government plan to convert a lake area into commercial area.

I understand that in order for Singapore to survive, it needs to attract foreign investments. But it seems the younger generation of government forgot the fact that Singapore’s land is really small (even smaller than my hometown) and the rainfall is high throughout the year. Without the trees or “green space” to absorb and retain it, the water will just flow through the drainage system. Hence, under high rate of rainfall, the drainage system becomes easily overwhelmed and will result in floods.

I do hope the new environment minister understand this basic “knowledge” (as he new to this post, not sure about his educational background) and get to work to solve the problem instead of giving excuses and pointing finger.