Like many other countries, Melbourne has its own public transport too. We have trams, trains, buses which can take you to see most if not all of the city’s best attractions, sporting venues and shopping precincts. For those of you who are migrating to Melbourne or are about to visit Melbourne, these pieces of information may be handy and even save you some money!!

Trams, Trains and Buses

There are two tickets which you may use to access the trams, trains and buses in Melbourne. They are Metcards and Myki (pronounce as ‘my key’). Myki is a smartcard ticketing system which was meant to replace Metcards, but during the transition time, you may use any of the two to travel around Melbourne.

Here are the places where you can get your public transport tickets:-

  • Metshop at Melbourne Town Hall (Corner Swanston St and Collins St)
  • Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square
  • Customer Service Centres at train station
  • Newsagents and seven eleven
  • Ticket machine at train station and trams.

Ticket which are bought on board are generally more expensive than if you buy it before your trip. If you are buying from trams, you need to make sure that you have sufficient coins to purchase the ticket. If you fail to have a valid ticket, you may be fined. The fine is approximately $175 for first time offender, and a higher fine after your first offence. As it is very expensive, make sure you remember to validate your Metcards or touch on and off your myki.


V/Line is a special train which provide services to regional Victoria. Metcards and myki cannot be used for this service. A separate ticket must be purchased. So, if you would like to go to Sovereign Hill (Ballarat), you should buy V/Line ticket. Please make sure that you check the timetable carefully.

Nightrider Buses

Nightrider buses run from city to suburbs from 1.30am to 4.30am on Saturday and 5.30am on Sunday morning.

Airport Shuttle (SkyBus)

If you are only looking for transport from or to Melbourne airport (Tullamarine) to Melbourne City (Spencer St and Bourke St), SkyBus is an option. If you are by yourself, I would suggest catching SkyBus rather than taking taxi. Taxi can cost you approximately $50 while SkyBus only costs you $16 per person per trip. SkyBus normally runs every 10 minutes during peak hour and 15 minutes during off peak hour.

Melbourne Bike Share

This is a healthy option and was only available early this year. There are about 50 bike stations in the city. There is one bike station in front of State Library of Victoria (or opposite Melbourne Central Station). They cost from $2.50.


Taxis in Melbourne and their phone number for booking:-

Silver Top                 13 10 08

13 Cabs                      13 22 27

You do not have to always call for a taxi, you can hired taxi off the streets.