I believe most of you might have read the main author’s post on his packing for his departure to Melbourne, Australia. In case you might have forgotten, here are the links to part 1 and part 2.

Are you wondering how many boxes did markuri (the main author) end up posting to Melbourne? And would you be able to guess the weight of the boxes?

So I happen to be the lucky one who receive the boxes in Melbourne. Before the packing which he shared in this blog, he has actually shipped some of his gundam plastic models which weighed approximately 9kg in total. The boxes he used was the same box (Dell box) in his posts.

Because of this, I do not expect that the coming two boxes (which was detailed in his posts) will be very heavy. Initially, I expect that the boxes will only arrived on or after the day he arrives in Melbourne, because I was told that the boxes will not be shipped until he receives the invoice. Out of the blue, on Monday, I had been told by our lovely blogger, markuri that the boxes had arrived in Melbourne, and if I did not contact the shipper immediately, I may risk the boxes to be shipped back to the sender. He was told so by the Singaporean shipper company.

Of course, I felt the sense of urgency there. So I called the shipper and organised the boxes to be directed to my office instead of my residential home. On the phone, I actually questioned if it is correct that if I do not contact them the boxes will be sent back to Singapore, and you know what the answer was? To my surprise, she said that ‘No, it will be to harsh to do that, we normally try to call the receiver for at least two weeks before we shipped them back’. I nearly swore at the Singaporean who told markuri about that three-day shipped back thing, but hey I was at office!!

And today, I finally got the two boxes, the delivery man spoke to admin personnel at the receptionist area. She looked at the box and asked the delivery man to wait. She then rang my line and asked me to pick them myself. So I went to the receptionist area, talked to the delivery man and persuaded him to drop the boxes near my desk. He looked at me for 10 seconds and said ‘Good luck on taking them home with you’. So, I asked ‘ how many kilos do you think they are in total?’ and he said ‘I think it was about 50kg, maybe?’ Oh yeah, they are indeed about 50kg.

I managed to borrow a trolley from one of the place I used to work. So after work, I went to pick up the trolley and came back to the office. Unfortunately, they have lost the big trolley, so I was given the small one. But it’s better than nothing. I then made my way back to the office with the trolley and arrange the two boxes. Pushing them back home was a pain in the ass, as the road was sloping upwards. Gee, I even heard a Chinese guy said to his girlfriend in Chinese of course ‘ this ‘small’ office lady is pushing huge stuff’

The good news is I am still alive, the boxes reach my apartment safely. And I have also returned the trolley, Yay!! Now I am lying on my bed trying to rest my body as they start to sore. A normal 15 minutes walk from office to home has turned to be nearly an hour with the two boxes. I think it took way longer because I am specially cautious not to bang into shops. Nearly all of them are made of glass.

Thanks to my persistence, I can rest peacefully now…