If you are looking for a nice mediterranean food in Singapore, visit no other places than Kampung Glam which is located close to Bugis area (Bugis MRT station – green line). Usually I will come here to enjoy nice “Nasi Padang” – rice with various spicy dishes from Indonesia. If you visit Singapore and crave for mediterranean food or “Nasi Padang”, make sure you don’t miss this place.

A huge mosque named “Masjid Sultan” (Sultan Mosque in English) is the landmark for this area. I believe, this is the largest mosque in Singapore.

You can see the houses’ design is different from most part of Singapore (i.e. modern and high-rise building). This situation reminds me of my hometown and maybe that’s the reason I feel relaxed whenever I visit this place.

If you go behind the mosque, you can see a pedestrian area with shops selling merchandise and restaurants on its side.

Usually it is crowded at night.

Didn’t take picture for “Nasi Padang” as the restaurant was closed at the time. Should come here during lunch time to enjoy it.