Went to watch Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides yesterday afternoon and I could say it was a good movie. I managed to snap some pictures at the theatre.

It is normal to see crowd like this on weekends. It is suggested you purchase your tickets online (with a booking fee of 1 SGD) to avoid the queue and secure good seats in the theatre. There are four companies managing theatres in Singapore. The one I go is under Golden Village banner.

Various queuing lines for online purchase and specific credit card’s type. The Gold Class is a special theatre in which you can enjoy your movie with larger seat (similar with the ones used in first class flight) and fewer people at one time. It costs around 50 SGD per person for this class, excluding the wines and snacks.

The theatre studios are located upstairs.

To dark to take pictures inside and I didn’t bring tripod for my camera.