Reverse engineering has been totally redefined by the Chinese in the mainland (a.k.a. China) as most of the time, the definition of redevelopment and copyright infringement are debatable. The infamous copyright infringement done by the people (and in some cases, by the government) has gained international attention and pressure but the world’s effort so far has been in vain. I’m not trying to be racist here as I am also a Chinese (not from mainland though)

It is no secret that China copies almost everything available in the market and acknowledge the products as “original ideas from people of China”. Take a look at this article. They are proud to be able to copy (straight to the details) various popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, put the “made in China” tag and make a huge amount of money. Last week, a facebook-look-a-like website in China became public (as it conducted IPO). I believe this is related to their educational system which doesn’t promote creativity (although I read somewhere that they are trying to change it by copying – yes, another copying effort – American system).

The latest news of copyright infringement is related to Gundam toys and model kits. A short history of the case for those of you who don’t know. In 2009, in order to celebrate 30 years of Gundam series, Bandai Namco, Sunrise and Japanese government decided to put up a 1/1 scale of Gundam statue at Odaiba Island, Tokyo. The statue was moved in 2010 to Shizuoka Square in Shizuoka City, where the main Bandai Namco Toy factory located.

Source of picture here.

The Gundam statue draws a lot of visitors to Japan (including from China of course). This might cause unhappiness from the Chinese side and therefore, a couple months later, an amusement park in Chengdu, China built a Gundam lookalike in the park.

Source of picture here.

The statue was reported by Fuji Television (Japanese local TV) and guess what? They also found Ultraman look alike statues in the park. The worse part was the fact that the park management stated that those statues are their original ideas. The statue eventually was taken down and replaced by a this.

As a Gundam series fan, I am furious. The copying case also happens to the toys and model kits. In that case, Bandai Namco won the case and the Chinese toymaker has to publicly apologize. Well, I hope all of the companies in China that copying stuffs from other countries are sued by the copyright holder to bankruptcy.

To conclude, I’d like to quote some sentences (not exactly word per word, but roughly the meaning is the same) from Lee Kuan Yew’s latest book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going.

“The Americans have the ability to build something from scratch and beat you, while the Japanese is the best at refining things from chopstick to air conditioner”

I would like to add this,

“The Chinese (in the mainland, of course), will copy and paste your stuffs and said that those are theirs from the beginning because according to them, copyright means the right to copy”