If you are in Melbourne, you might notice that the Asian population in Melbourne CBD outweighs the Western. One of the reasons most likely is because Chinatown is located in the heart of Melbourne, along Lt Bourke Street, starting from Swanston St to Spring St.

It is easy to spot Chinatown in almost every country. There are entrance gates similar to the one the picture below in several countries. Unfortunately, I heard there was no such gate in Chinatown Singapore. Correct me if I am wrong! I ain’t Singaporean


A little background about Melbourne Chinatown for people who love history. Back in 1850s, the discovery of gold attracted Chinese community. They subsequently migrated to Melbourne to search for the Gold. They then purchased land in Lt Bourke St and developed it. However, as the gold production diminishing due to the exhaustive digging, some of the Chinese community did not return to China instead settled in Lt Bourke St, which we called Chinatown now. In early 20th century, the Chinese community decreased because of the strict immigration policy, however this policy was eased later in the middle of 20th century which grew the Chinese population again.


This is on overview of Lt Bourke Street taken from the corner of Lt Bourke St and Swanston St taken at 7.50a.m. I did not have a chance to take an overview from Russel St, but I will do so when time permits.

Although it is called Chinatown, not only Chinese foods are sold in here, but also other Asian foods such as Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai etc. Every third Saturday of the month, there will be a Chinese market night at Heffernan Lane, between Swanston St and Russel St. There will be hawker-style stalls selling foods and souvenirs. If you happen to be in town this weekend, drop by Heffernan Lane for the market night.


I was trying to take a snapshot of Chinatown at night, but I did not seem to be very successful. I took about 10 pictures but all are very blurry. If I said this was the best amongst all, you would understand how bad they wereEmbarrassed smile

In the Chinatown between Russel St and Spring St, you will find Chinese Museum. I would personally suggest you visit there and have a look. For the price of $8 for adult and $6 for children/concession (by memory) you could enter the museum. I do not think it is expensive, plus it is good for knowledge. They are open everyday 10a.m. to 5 p.m. Near the museum, you will find an artistic gate, I will take a picture of it when I have a chance. So keep readingWinking smile