Another instance in which fanaticism towards a belief or religion can make you tell nonsense and look stupid.

Doomsday on 21 May 2011?

I still remember that somebody said that year 1999 is the end of world. Well, Sir, the world is still turning today. Then comes the prediction according to Mayan calendar that 21 December 2012 is the end of the world as their calendar system ends on that date. Umm, in Singapore (and I believe throughout the world) there are some building projects that will end after 2012. If it were true, all the buildings would be wasted.

When will the world end then? The proper answer is I don’t know. I’m not a God (and I don’t believe in any God). People who said that this date or that date (or whichever date they like) the world will end, don’t you think they play God? Doesn’t that mean they (as a “mere” human) have crossed the domain of what you believers think as the Supreme Being?

What I believe is the world will end when I die and people have stop caring for each other and the environment. Are there signs for it? Well, the answer is yes.

So, doomsday may be sooner than we thought. But how soon? Who knows.