It was not as warm as usual and I went to Marina Barrage yesterday with my friends yesterday to enjoy the day. Marina Barrage was built in 2008 and is located at the mouth of Marina Channel.

It is the 15th reservoir of Singapore and the first in the heart of the city. With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, or one-sixth the size of Singapore, the Marina catchment is the island’s largest and most urbanised catchment.The Marina Barrage is the result of Minister Mentor (ex now, as he just announced his retirement from cabinet yesterday) Lee Kuan Yew’s vision nearly two decades ago when he envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir (as extracted from the website).

The dam. On the left is the reservoir (fresh water) while on the right is sea water. Unlike desalination plant, the conversion of sea water to fresh water is caused by the dilution of the salt contents in the reservoir by rain water.

You can reach this place by taking a shuttle bus from Marina Bay MRT station (red line). Marina Bay is still under development so you’ll see a lot of constructions going on around.

You can check the schedule of the bus here.

The visitor information centre. If you are first timer, it is suggested to check out this place first to grab some brochures.

A model of the barrage made from plastic bottle.

A nice gallery located at second floor about what what Singapore has done to ensure sustainability.

With her small size, Singapore indeed desperately needs to maintain her fresh water sources really well. In the past (and until today), she gets her water from various reservoirs throughout the island and from purchase contract with Malaysia. You can drill for ground water as it may sink the island.

A vision by Then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on having Marina Barrage about 20 years ago.

A model showing how the barrage works.

The most popular definition of sustainability. It is commonly known-as “Brundlant definition of sustainability”.

Map of Singapore at the bottom of your feet.

You can climb to the green rooftop and enjoy Singapore’s skyline there.

You can see Marina Bay Sands on the background. Lots of people were playing kites.

Rows of solar panels at one corner of the rooftop.

Finally, the time that I was waiting for.

This is the best spot to take CBD view at night.

Make sure you come to this place if you are in Singapore.