On Saturday, I normally stroll around Victoria Market for some ideas for food, with exception for today. I got up early but I did not find a motivation to go there. It was drizzling in the morning and it was only about 6-7 degrees in the morning. So I decided to put off my plan and instead took some pictures of State Library of Victoria in Melbourne.

This is the State Library of Victoria. Can you spot ‘Victoria’ in this picture?


The building was built in 19th century AD. The heritage architecture made it an iconic Melbourne landmark. It is located in the heart of Melbourne city, opposite to Melbourne Central Station and RMIT University, and next to QV shopping complex. QV stands for Queen Victoria. The tall building behind the State Library of Victoria is residential apartment which was built sometime in 2004.

State Library is always crowded during SWOT Vac (this is the term used by use for the day off prior to exam period). In this library, you can find a lot of collections. They have a multimedia room (which has playstation, wii, etc), chess room, reading rooms. If you come to Melbourne and you enjoy historical buildings, please do visit State Library of Victoria. It is very accessible, you can get here by catching public transports such as trams, trains, buses or even city circle. The interior design and the architectural design are so fabulous.

Sinking Library1IMGP2559

In front of the State Library of Victoria, you can find the sinking library on the footpath, right at the corner of Swanston St and La Trobe St. Swanston St is the main street in Melbourne. Most of the trams pass this street. You can also see trams from the above pictures.

I heard this sinking library was created in 20th century  AD by the City of Melbourne (our local council) as part of the art program. But I really love this piece of art.

This piece of art reminds me of a myth about a library in USA. It was said that the architect of that library in USA failed to take into account of the weights of the book, that is why the library sink each year as they added new collection of books to the library.

The view of State Library of Victoria from different angle. Please excuse me if the pictures are not very well taken, I am yet to improve my skill Smile


The above picture was taken last year. On sunny days, there will be a lot of people laying on the grass enjoying the sun. Feel free to join them, but make sure you put on your sunscreen before doing so. The UV during summer in Australia is very extreme, so please be aware.



Today, I have not been able to take a shot on the interior design. When I do have the chance, I will share them, and I am sure you will be amazed by the interior design.

So what do you think of the State Library of Victoria? I would love to hear your opinion and your experience, so feel free to share. I would also love to know how does your State of Library look like…