The last part of my posts about Haw Par Villa at Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore. For part 1, click here and for part 2, click here. The picture above is the only museum in the complex. It was closed when I visited the place.

Story about The Eight Immortals. It is one of a few popular Chinese folklore that I heard before (the other such as The Journey to the West and The Legend of White Snake). There are lots of dioramas showing Chinese folklore in this complex.

Statues of monkey. Don’t know what they represent.

A weird looking crab.

Another abandoned building in the complex? As Singapore modernized herself, theme park like this complex has lost its appeal and as a result, many of the features are not well kept.

A man-made small river to imitate a dragon vein. A dragon vein is the pathway through which energy flows over mountains. It has something to do with Feng Shui.

One of two (or three) monuments built inside the complex to honour the Aw families.

Row of Chinese folklores diorama.

The other two monuments in the complex (so there are three).

The Buddha who is always laughing. Wish I could be like him, have a carefree life.