It is unusually hot in Singapore these days. Although there was a heavy rain early morning yesterday, it didn’t do much on the night’s temperature. On noon time, it can reach about 35 – 36oC and it is definitely warmer this year than previous years. The seasonal change from wet to dry (since Singapore is close to equator, it has only two seasons) was also really extreme. I still recall there was one week when it was raining almost every day and then the next week it suddenly became dry and hot.

On the other hand, Melbourne, which is situated at the southern hemisphere of the earth, gets earlier-than-usual and colder winter. Better prepare myself (by bringing lots of wind breakers and sweaters and of course gain more – I mean a lot more – body fat) before reaching there by the end of this month.

I believe we need to do more to slow down the warming effect by utilizing and innovating greener technologies wherever and whenever possible and feasible.