Let’s continue from my previous post on HawPar Villa.

A round monument located near the exit of Ten Court of Hell building. There are many small  dioramas (which I don’t what they are all about) on the circumference.

There is a big open-air auditorium in the complex but it is no longer in use. I couldn’t get into it as the stairs are blocked. Pretty spooky inside.

The canteen is abandoned too. I believe it is caused by number of visitors visiting this place in recent years.

Some fresh water turtle (reminds me of “sea turtles, mate” joke from Pirates of Caribbean movies).

One of my friends told me that the person who build this park is the founder of Tiger Balm, which is a well-known brand in South East Asia (and probably other countries).

You can reach the park by taking bus service 30, 143, or 10 from Vivo City at Harbor Front MRT Station and alight at “Opposite HawPar Villa” bus stop. There will be an MRT station just beside the park in the future.