One of the two casinos in Singapore. Located at Marina Bay, you can see the building from Esplanade and City Hall. You can reach it by walking from Esplanade to the floating platform direction.

The pedestrian bridge that connect the hotel complex with the main road is called Helix Bridge for its design that similar with human’s DNA shape.

The floating platform which is just located beside the bridge. This platform is the location of Singapore’s National Day celebration every year.

The day was pretty warm when I visited it with Heathorn but surprisingly, it was quite cool under the bridge although the canopy is made from transparent material.

The complex consists of an art museum (pictured above), a huge shopping mall and convention center, a three-tower hotel, and a casino. If you walk from the Helix Bridge, you will reach the art museum and shopping mall first. The casino is located inside the mall and the hotel just across the street.

The inside of the mall. I can see the design uses a lot of glass panel to improve sunlight penetration into the building, thus reducing energy consumption during daytime.

Hmm… should I go to the casino?

Lots of luxurious shops inside considering the hotel is a high-class hotel (The “Sands” in Marina bay Sands refers to a company that manage several casinos in Las Vegas, USA).

“Ice” skating field in the mall. The floor is not made from ice, but some kind of synthetic material that has low surface traction, enabling people to “skate” on top of it.

There is a man-made river in it too. Reminds me of “The Venetia” in Macau, Hong Kong (If I’m not mistaken, it is also managed by The Sands group).

You can rent a “sampan” (boat in malay) at the other end to ride along the river.

One of many entrances to the casino. You, as a visitor, need to bring your passport as a proof of age. Entrance is free for tourists but not for permanent residents and Singaporeans. There is a fee of 100 SGD for each entry for PRs and Singaporeans, a measure from the government to discourage its citizens from gambling.


The convention center which is located at the other end of the mall.

Magnificent crystal lamps on the ceiling.

The hotel towers close-up.

There is a park on top of them and it is open to public. It’s not free though (20 SGD ticket fee), but it is worth while to go up there and enjoy the view. The swimming pool is limited to hotel guests use.

The hotel rooms are facing the lobby (unlike “normal” hotel) on both sides.

While the lobby is cluttered with restaurants.

You will be greeted by these four beautiful ladies playing old Chinese songs when you check in the hotel.

Unfortunately, my LX-5 ran out of battery after this shot. I hope I can get a few pictures of the room. Hmm… I’ll consider to stay in this hotel for 1 – 2 nights when I transit in Singapore in November.