If any of you are planning to come to Melbourne, Australia, I would suggest you drop by at Mornington Peninsula, which is approximately 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne city.

There are a lot of attractions which you could find in there such as strawberry farm, vineyard, cherry farm, tulip farm, hot springs, ashcombe maze, moonlit sanctuary and cape schanck lighthouse. But for this post will only cover Peninsula Hot Springs only. I will cover the others in other posts. So, stay tuned Smile


There is a small cafe in the Peninsula Hot Spring where you can get coffee, sandwiches etc. I would personally recommend getting a package like bathing with breakfast. If you get the package with breakfast, you are entitled to a choice of scrambled (or poached) egg, or sandwiches and also a choice of drink (juice, coffee or tea).


This is the place where you will have your meal. You can also sit outside (open area). It is beautiful, isn’t it?


This is the public area of hot springs. Public area does not mean that you can join them without paying, it means that public can see. I took this picture when I am about to leave this place.

I did not take picture in the private area as it is prohibited. Even if it is allowed, I would not do it, because I still want my cameraNyah-Nyah

When you are ready to start your bathing, they will give a bath robe and locker key.

You then proceed to locker room, locker rooms are separated between male and female. In the locker rooms, you need to take shower to clean yourself before you go into the pool. Once you finish your shower, change into your bathing suit (or swimsuit). Too bad, unlike in Korea or Japan where you have to undress to get into some of the pools, in here you have to wear your bathing suit ^_^

When you are ready to start, go to the pool with the lowest temperature first, i think it was about 30 degree, there will be a sign for the temperature.

Once you feel comfortable with the heat, go to the next level, 40-50 degree, this is the largest pool, there are Jacuzzi as well. While you are in there, you can also enjoy the sun as it is open area. Once you are ready to the next level, move to the next pool, 50-60 degree. This is the hottest pool. After this, you can dare yourself to jump into the cool pool. It does not matter which pool you want to dip yourself first, and you do not have to try all pools.

You can also try the sauna.

Once you finish, return to locker room to shower and get changed. Once you are ready return the bath robe and locker key to the staff.

You need to drink a lot of water, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the pool, because you may faint if you insist in staying in the pool.

For prices and more information, please click here.

I hope you enjoy it and I would like to hear your experience as wellRed heart