Went back to my hometown during Easter Holiday last week. Usually I take Valuair (or Jetstar) to go back as it is just an hour flight. More expensive flight just doesn’t seem to worth it.

There are three terminals at Singapore’s Changi Airport and Valuair/Jetstar is located at Terminal 1. Some other airlines in this terminal are Emirate, China airlines, and AirAsia.

This is the place where you can claim back the GST you paid when you purchase things in Singapore.

You can see the design of this terminal is a bit old as it is the oldest of three. Some parts of the terminal are undergoing renovation work and based on the ad, it is expected to complete in 2012.

You can transfer between terminals by using skytrain. There are two trains in each terminal, so pay attention to the train’s direction. This one is going to Terminal 3, the newest terminal in Changi Airport.

Some pictures inside Terminal 1 after you go through the immigration check point.

No need to be afraid of getting lost as there are lots of directional board inside.

Some parts on the inside are also being renovated.

The new wing of Terminal 1. It is basically an extension from the old wing to accommodate more planes and of course, tourists.

My gate is C19, which is located at the end of the new wing.

Empty as usual.