Went to Funan Digital Life Mall yesterday for a small event. This shopping mall sells IT related items and unlike Sim Lim Square, most of the sellers here are honest and authorized distributors of the things they sell.

A small gift shop in front of the mall entrance.

Went there for this. A sale event at the lobby which comes with Japanese Maid Dance (no, I’m not a hentai – Japanese for pervert) and a small cosplay competition. For those who don’t know Japanese Maid Dance, it is basically a (or several in this case) cute girl(s) dancing in cute maid uniform (you’ll see soon).

The MC’s hair looks like chicken’s horn, don’t you think?

Reminds me of a friend who loves girls in maid uniform with knee-high stocking >.>

A pretty wild audience…

Now I realized how hard it is to have human as the object of my pictures >.<

Group of cute maids (this sounds a bit wrong). The Wario on the left side is an eye sore.

Introduction section. They are locals by the way (but they used Japanese name =.=|||) and from this event I realized that this mall has a maid café on its third floor. A newly opened one.

The cheering became wilder in this session. Otakus in action.

Some cosplay pictures. I didn’t take much as the cosplay quality is, well, quite disappointing. Looking forward to the one in West Coast Plaza later this month.

Seen this lady a couple of times in some of cosplay events in Singapore. BTW, went there with Heathorn to enjoy these shows.