Another park near where I live in Singapore. This park is called West Coast Park, as it is located at, well, west coast of Singapore. It is much bigger than Clementi Woods. This park has a nice view and a great place to watch sunset.

In front of the park is West Coast Highway. There are two bus services on this highway (175 and 176). If you want to visit the park, you can take MRT to Clementi Station and walk a bit to Clementi Bus Interchange. There you can take bus 175.

There is a huge field by the sea where usually, during weekends, you can see lots of people playing soccer, having outdoor picnic or playing with kites.

Purposely went there in the evening to watch sunset. You can see clearly Jurong Shipyard from this park.

This park houses Singapore Yacht Club. So you can see things like this there. Wondering when can I own one >.<.

Behind the Yacht Club office is Pasir Panjang Terminal for export and import.

You can set a camp in this park after you apply for the permit.

The park also comes with a huge playground for children.

When it is dark, you will see people prepare their “special” kites with LED on them. They are really pretty when flown to the sky.