Some pictures on where I usually go every weekends to do some exercises. Usually I play badminton with friends on either Saturday or Sunday morning, depends on whether we get the court or not. As an international level university, NUS has a well-maintained sporting complex. It covers most both indoor and outdoor games you can think of.

One of a couple of gyms for staffs. In NUS, they separate Gym for staffs and students.

Squash court.

Olympic-size swimming pool.

Male changing room. Can’t take the female one. I won’t risk my life to take the picture anyway ^ ^

Some open fields. The fields on the right are outdoor basket ball fields, while on the left are meant for volley ball (although sometimes students convert them into archery fields).

Building for indoor sports.

Some students practicing handball sport.

A court to practise and improve your tennis skills. Don’t hit the ball hard as it might hit you back.

A clinic nearby. It’s closed on weekends though but you can contact the 24/7 line in case of emergency.

A standard running track with soccer field at the center.

Place where I usually play badminton in the weekends. There are total 6 courts and it is really crowded especially on Sunday.