Singapore’s public transport is really reliable. Probably you have read somewhere that Singapore has one of the best public transport system in the world.

The picture is taken when I board the bus (from a bus top of course).

Couple of minutes later, the bus is already crowded an people had to stand on the aisle. Took the the bus to Clementi MRT station and from there I continued my trip to City Hall.

If you visit Singapore, you will find some above ground MRT stations are equipped with safety gate. Well, it is a good move as in this station alone, last year, three people fell to the track and hit by incoming train.

Enter and exit gate in MRT stations.

This is where you buy MRT tickets or top-up your electronic tickets.

Usually MRT station is connected to a shopping mall. At City Hall MRT station, you will see more than one shopping mall. Here, you can find an underground shopping mall called Citylink Mall.

You can also reach places such as Suntec City and Esplanade (which I will cover in separate post) from here. Esplanade MRT is a newly built MRT station.

You can see how deep it is the underground. This stairway serves as emergency exit in case of fire. Pretty cool design for an emergency exit huh?

People were queuing for popcorn.

An underground passage to Esplanade.

Finally, near to the exit to surface.

Usually MRT stations also comes with food court. The one in the picture is a newly build one.

If you come out from Suntec City exit, you’ll see these buildings. The tallest one is Swissotel Stamford. On top of the building, there are a couple of fine dining restaurants. I’ve been to one called Equinox. It is located at 70th floor. The food are really nice, prepared by michelin-star-awarded chefs. This place is a common place for guys to propose to the girls. So, girls out there, never say yes to your boyfriend’s proposal if it is not made in this restaurant ^ ^.