Snapped these pictures from a building’s rooftop at NUS. The high-rise building is a condominium, a private housing complex. The land far on the background is Jurong Island. This island is specialized for industrial area (similar with Sentosa island, but for entertainment and recreation).

Taken from slightly different spot from the first picture. You can see Jurong shipyard on the right side of the condominium and Jurong power plant on its left.

You can see one of Singapore’s export and import ports from here. It is called Pasir Panjang Export and Import Terminal.

A satellite dish on the right is used in atmospheric remote sensing research project (which, I also take a bit part in it, not significant though). It’s a bit hazy when I took these pictures. Usually the haze comes from Indonesia (forest burning in Sumatra and Borneo).

A glimpse of CBD’s (Central Business District) skycrapers on the center right.

Some solar panel on the rooftop. These are used for some kind of research project and at the same time, generate electricity for the building.

New housing complex being built.

New students’ housing being built in NUS complex.

One of few ‘Bukit’ (Hill in English) in Singapore. This one is called ‘Bukit Timah’ (literally Tin Hill in English). There is a reservoir called McRitchie and huge park nearby to it. Went there before but didn’t take any pictures >.<