Went to Suntec City Convention Centre last Saturday to attend a job fair organized by JobsDB.com. It is an online portal for jobseekers in Singapore to look for jobs, similar with jobstreet.com. Not really interested in applying any jobs though, but hey, most of the events in Singapore usually give out freebies ^ ^.

This is where you register for the event and…

This is what you get from it. If you have uploaded your particulars and resume to their server, all you need to do is ask the company you are interested in to scan the barcode and voila! your resume is recorded into their human resources’ database. A very innovative way to save papers from job application.

The lobby is really huge. The main entrance to the convention centre is on the right.

Taken from level 3 for better view. Suntec City is located at city area. You can get here by taking MRT to City Hall Station and walk through the CityLink Mall, which I will cover in separate post.

People queuing to upload their resume into the portal. You can either fill up the online form provided, or scan and upload your resume (if you bring a hard copy with you) here.

Not really an appropriate dress to look for job eh?

The are only two floors for exhibition halls at the Convention Centre. The career fair is on level 4, the very same halls used for Anime Festival Asia (AFA), Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention (STGCC), and IT Show (usually both level 4 and level 6). There is no level 5 as the halls in level 4 are two-storey high.

Youngsters showing off their yoyo skills. This space will be filled with cosplayers during AFA or STGCC and some electronic manufacturers during IT Show.

The third level are generally used for conference, business meeting, or wedding party as can be seen on the picture. If I’m not mistaken, the business conference that usually follows AFA is also conducted on this floor. Can’t get much picture of this floor as it is closed to public in normal days. Been to the conference hall on this level only once so far.