Bought it in September 2009, but yet to finish it till date >.<

The free item (metal emblem with Sinanju head carving on one side, if I’m not mistaken) is only available if you purchase this MG Sinanju in Singapore or Malaysia.

I like the backpack design. Balanced mixture of white and red color. BTW, it is snap-fitted. I don’t (or should I say haven’t) paint the model, simply because:

1. Don’t have space to paint it

2. Don’t have time to paint it

3. Too stingy to spend money on paints and the tools ^ ^

The reason why I haven’t finished the model. I broke the waist joint last year (somewhere in Jan) and decided not to continue it until I got 5 mm pla-beam (the white thingy thing in the picture) in Taiwan.

Have to drill through the hole as when I broke the waist joint, part of it stuck inside =.=|||

Well, I’m trying to finish snap-fitting it before I go to Australia so that I can dispose the unused tree and sprue, hence, reducing the total weight a bit.