A quick post about West Coast Plaza before I go out and do exercise this morning. Basically it’s a small mall with only 3 levels and no cinema. It’s located at West Coast Road and commonly known as Ginza Plaza, its old name. It was renovated an reopened in September 2008. You can reach it by taking MRT to Clementi Station and wait for its shuttle bus, which arrives at the station every 30 minutes (most malls in Singapore provide this free service to increase the number of visitors). There are many restaurants in it. I believe, this mall is set for daily needs, not for entertainment.

Last Christmas, there was a huge Christmas tree here. You can see people queuing outside for shuttle bus which will bring them back to either NUS or MRT station.

Nike factory Outlet.According to the management (yes, I met the management before for some reason), this is one of the only two factory outlet store in South East Asia. They always have 20% discount on their stuffs. Can’t take picture inside though. The sign means additional 20% discount for women’s footwear.

This huge space is commonly used for events and activities.

Gachaphon (or Gashaphon, hope I spell it correctly) at the side entrance where I usually come in from.