In this post, I’d like to show you all the typical place to get food in Singapore. Took this picture early this morning (before 8am) for my breakfast. It is located across the street from where I live.

In Singapore, this place is called Hawker Center. Usually, it is in the same complex with a wet market and every weekends, there is a flea market around it. Didn’t take pictures of the wet market though. I’m afraid the merchants think I am a government official conducting audit on food safety and hygiene.

This place is called foodcourt in Singapore. I guess you can pin-point the difference from hawker center. Normally the food sold is a bit more expensive and the place is smaller than hawker center. The food available is also not as various as hawker center.

No no, he’s not selling newspaper. He’s giving out free newspaper. You can find some free newspaper are being distributed in Singapore throughout weekdays and Saturday. Usually, they are given out at MRT stations on weekdays. You can also find them in universities and some Seven Eleven stores.

Typical bus stop in Singapore. This one is just right in front of the hawker center.

Here’s what I had for my breakfast. It’s a congee with peanuts and minced pork. Congee is different from porridge. It is more watery than porridge.