There is a small park near where I lived called Clementi Woods. It is my normal back-from-work route (Yes, I walk everyday to my workplace as I live nearby).

Well, my workplace is located on the other side of the park, so you can say I walk into it from the “back door”. The area covered by the fence on the right is Singapore-Japanese School, primary and secondary level only I believe. The senior high school is on the other side of the park.

A mosque on top of the hill where my friends usually go to for their prayers. FYI, in Singapore you won’t hear the prayer’s calling through the mosque’s megaphone as it is prohibited by law (Not the calling, but the noise level produced).

A quite famous buffet restaurant in Singapore. It costs SGD 20 for lunch and SGD 24 for dinner. They charge additional SGD 2 during weekends. They serve various cuisines, Japansese, Western, and Chinese. What makes them special is that the food served are Halal certified. You should try it out whenever you are in Singapore. They have many branches, but from what I heard, the one in Clementi Woods is the best. You can reach it by taking MRT to Clementi Station, followed by bus number 183 and stop in front of NUS Engineering Faculty. Consult the map below.

The building on the left is Sakura.

The white building behind the trees are apartment for NUS’s professors.

Can grow your muscles there… ^ ^

Singapore has a very strict regulation about smoking. Generally, smoking is not allowed in public area such as park, stations, markets, food courts, restaurant, and indoor area such as houses, offices, schools (including universities) or malls.

The only water tap in the park. I heard there are numerous taps available in public area in Singapore before the SARS epidemic in 2003.

A very old sign post. Cool eh?

You can use these tables to take a rest or read some books or even enjoy your meal outdoor.

Hope you enjoy the pics.