I’ve started the countdown of my time in Singapore. I was really excited knowing my migration visa application is granted by Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship about 2 weeks ago. Well, to be frank, I’ve felt a bit bored living in Singapore. I believe it’s time to go out there, travel further and away from Asia for a new experience and living environment.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about my excitement in this post. I need a memoir of place (or places, hopefully) where I lived and stayed before. Can’t think of better way to do it than put it in my blog. Moreover, I can share my experience with you all guys whom may not have visited Singapore or for those who have visited, a slice of daily life in Singapore.

I hope you enjoy the picture I’ve taken using my Lumix LX5 (I’m not an avid photographer though).

Some views from my room window. I took the pictures from various times. The first one s from this morning, just before I went to work.

This one is from previous evening.

Others from sometime last year (November or December I believe). I took these pictures using my HTC HD mini. I love how the skies and clouds keep changing.

Should have taken them using my LX5. Too bad I haven’t got it at that time >.<

And the last window view is from today evening. It’s quite warm today. I guess summer has arrived (or dry season since Singapore only has two seasons, dry and wet).

By the way, the building you see in the pictures is called The Village. It is a service apartment standing above a shopping mall called West Coast Plaza. Will cover the mall in another post.

The rests are pictures I took on my way to work this morning.

A void deck under the building where I live. For your information, I stay in an HDB, a housing complex built by Singapore government. Usually HDB has a void deck under it. It promotes air circulation and can be rent for some functions such as wedding ceremony or funeral services.

One of the side entrance to West Coast Plaza. it is really convenient for me to live just beside a mall. Luck I guess ^ ^.

See those hanging clothes on the wall? This is how Singaporean dry their clothes. Sometimes, when you are unlucky, you’ll get bird droppings onto your shirt and you have  to wash your clothes again. Not to mention when the wind is strong, your clothes may take a walk.

Despite the well-being of Singapore’s economic, there are still some homeless people like this old man sleeping on a chair. Either his children don’t give him monthly allowance or he was lazy when he was young.

Some plants grown by my landlord (a.k.a. owner of the house where I rent a room in)

Well, it seems Singapore is not only Orchard Road and its night life huh?