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Portal 2

A hi-tech puzzle game with FPS style. Coming out April 2011. Prepare your brain fellas.

Now available on steam.


I do not own the video. “Portal 2” is a game developed and published by Valve.


Suntec City Mall

Continuing from my previous post about Suntec City Convention Centre is the mall which is located in the same complex.

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Coming out this April from the creator of Spore…

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Is it feasible?

Read a new on Forbes news website this morning and found an interesting article.

Singapore will go nuclear?

What say you?

Singapore Skyline

Snapped these pictures from a building’s rooftop at NUS. The high-rise building is a condominium, a private housing complex. The land far on the background is Jurong Island. This island is specialized for industrial area (similar with Sentosa island, but for entertainment and recreation).

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Suntec City Convention Centre

Went to Suntec City Convention Centre last Saturday to attend a job fair organized by It is an online portal for jobseekers in Singapore to look for jobs, similar with Not really interested in applying any jobs though, but hey, most of the events in Singapore usually give out freebies ^ ^.

This is where you register for the event and…

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Crysis 2

Just started playing Crysis 2 and amazed by how awesome the graphic and gameplay are.


I do not own the video. “Crysis 2” is a game developed by Crytek GmbH and published by Electronic Arts.

MG 1/100 Sinanju Ver. Ka.

Bought it in September 2009, but yet to finish it till date >.<

The free item (metal emblem with Sinanju head carving on one side, if I’m not mistaken) is only available if you purchase this MG Sinanju in Singapore or Malaysia.

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Construction warning sign

Typical warning sign used in construction area in Singapore. Usually the worker puts a lot of this around the perimeters. The sign represents four major languages used in Singapore.

The third language is Hindi and the fourth is not Bahasa Indonesia, but Malay. I have one friend from India telling me that majority people in India use two languages, either Hindi or Tamil. Hindi for Northern Indian and Tamil for Southern Indian. He comes from Southern part and he doesn’t speak Hindi although he understands it.

Well, I can read three out of four. How many can you read?

West Coast Plaza

A quick post about West Coast Plaza before I go out and do exercise this morning. Basically it’s a small mall with only 3 levels and no cinema. It’s located at West Coast Road and commonly known as Ginza Plaza, its old name. It was renovated an reopened in September 2008. You can reach it by taking MRT to Clementi Station and wait for its shuttle bus, which arrives at the station every 30 minutes (most malls in Singapore provide this free service to increase the number of visitors). There are many restaurants in it. I believe, this mall is set for daily needs, not for entertainment.

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