As a part of my preparation for IELTS test, I just wrote this simple essay during the office hour. Take a look and comments are most welcome.

Being a research assistant with NUS for the past one and half years has been rewarding in terms of my personal growth yet somehow quite boring. As for my personal growth, I am able to improve my interpersonal, time management, and multitasking capabilities. I am also able to learn many new things and enrich myself with knowledge from different fields.  Apart from those positive views, the job is somehow boring.

As a research assistant, I get to meet people from various background and interests. This experience helps me in improving my interpersonal skill, a skill to deal with people. In addition, being assigned on tasks with tight dead line for a number of times has taught me to always utilize good time management. It helps a lot in finishing tasks according to their dead line while maintaining a work-life balance.  I also polish my multi-tasking skill as most of the time; the job requires me to work on various tasks at a time.

Having an interest in learning new things beyond my expertise has motivated me to stay in this job. Literature review on topic related to the research project is a way to enrich myself in terms of knowledge. Moreover, getting to operate many analytical instruments and troubleshoot them when they are faulty improves my technical and systematic thinking on problem solving.

Apart from improving my skills and learning new things, sometimes, the job is boring. For example, if the results are poor, repetition of the same activity is unavoidable. The worse is when you have to repeat the same task every day for one month, at least, until you get a good result which is comparable with other data. It is, basically, a good thing to do as it helps to build up expertise, but doing the same thing over and over again in the long run will develop boredom.

As a conclusion, being a research assistant has greatly helped me in improving some of the important skills. It also helps me to widen my knowledge. Though sometimes I feel bored, all in all, it is a rewarding job.