Anybody watched Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance? I thought they were going to make the movie according to the manga? Why so sudden they changed the plot and IMHO, it is weird (all those the beginning of third impact, awakening of EVA unit 1). Is it because GAINAX hasn’t finished up the manga? Or they see that this particular franchise is still profitable in the long run, like the Gundams. Well you can see from the figurines with “You Can (Not) Advance” tag and the introduction of new character (and I believe new eva unit used by the twelfth angel).

Apart from the story line, I think the animation art is very nice and the OST too. I like it a lot. It just fits into the battle scene (and the rainbow after each battle ^ ^). The new weapons and equipment for the EVAs are just great. For those who haven’t watched it, I won’t give any spoilers. I can say that this OVA is worth watching and if you are a hard=core fan for Evangelion series, I believe you will get the figurines too.

Some of the figurines with “You Can (Not) Advance” tag (aren’t they beautiful? ^ ^).

Eva unit 2 with booster equipment

Eva unit 1 "KAI" from Robot Damashii

Revoltech Asuka Langley with new plug suit design

Mari Makinami with entry plug cockpit seat

And some of the plamo from Bandai,

EVA unit 1 "awakened"

EVA unit 1

Pictures are from various sources.