Well, I went to Toy Carnival yesterday and it shocked me that the show actually is a part of electronic expo and gaming expo (^ ^)… The event itself is not too big, but you can definitely find a lot of cheap toys (and Gunplas) over there. Didn’t purchase anything cause as I said in my previous posting, I need to save money this year (after trips to Australia and Taiwan). A lot of activity zones in the expo such as FIFA world cup challenge (LAN/online game), World of Warcraft play zone, then we have show case of 3D televisions etc.

Ok, here are some pictures I snapped from the show (taken with HD mini). I focused mainly on the toys section of the expo.

Overview of the Toy Carnival "corner"

You can see how cheap they are...!!!!!

Lots of Sangokuden o.O

And this…

Mark III battle damaged version

Oh, and there is Blizzard booth and you can try out Starcraft 2 in it. The game definitely worth playing… the graphic is awesome and the units…. man, I’m speechless… tried for a couple of minutes during the expo and I could say I’m going to get this game when it is released in July (….. oooppsss, just realized that I need to purchase a new laptop for it…. no money… *sob*)