Alright, so starting tomorrow is a long weekend here in Singapore… and fortunately, there will be Toy Carnival in expo to keep me away from boredom ^ ^… (but not so fortunate for my wallet…. uggghhh… need to have strong self control).

The poster of this year toy carnival. Click image to go to the site.

I’m planning to go there on 29th morning since tomorrow I got another plan (which is sleeping… couldn’t sleep well for couple of days cause it’s so hot and humid in Singapore around these days). Well, FYI, I’m into plastic modelling (a.k.a Gunpla) though still a noob. I started gunpla when I was in high school (errrmm… during Wing series ^ ^) and I totally fell for it hahahahha….

Ok, back to topic, I read in the site that the organizer will invite one distributor directly from Taiwan and they will open a store over there and I believe the Gunplas will come at low price (been to Taiwan before and tell you, the Gunplas price over there makes you vomit blood if you compare it to Singapore). Besides Gunplas, they will also showcase military plastic models and action figures (both from anime and hollywood movies – one of them is battle damaged mark III suit from Iron Man movie *drooling*).

Mark III battle damaged

So, for those who wants to go there too, I see you guys there (like I’ll recognize anybody there and vice versa ^ ^|||).

For more information, click on the poster.