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Sometimes, simplest idea is the best…

Found an interesting video on Youtube. I am Amazed by how simple the idea is and how huge the impact is to people’s life.


紅蓮裝曹操模型 Cao Cao red lotus armour

Some close up pictures on Cao Cao red lotus armour (it includes the horse, but we have not built the horse yet). The sticker has not been placed yet (except the eye stickers). The stickers are not placed as Markuri plans to paint it. The pictures shared in here are raw (i.e. not yet painted).


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Here are the pictures from the catwalk, 10 September 2011. There were only three male models. I like the model with pink shirt below. When he looks cool while he does not smile but he’s cute when he smiles (look at next picture where he smiled)


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Thinking spring, you might think of fashion festival. Yes, this week is fashion week. So we went to City Square Park, Melbourne to enjoy the catwalk. As we were told by the event volunteer/crew that the show would start at 3.30pm, we got there about 2.55pm thinking that we might be able to get a seat. Unfortunately, we did not get a seat although we were in the front queue. The seat allocation was not based on how early you are, but it was very random.

I will share some pictures which were taken on the catwalk. I hope enjoy it. I myself enjoy the ambience of the event, however for me the fashion was not very stunning. I was expecting more of the dresses which people could wear for Cup day (horse racing) in November, but most of the fashion shown is casual type.


The above picture is the stage where the models performed their catwalk. I took a close up look of the accessories of the stage decoration.

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Marriage rejection in Asia

Found an interesting article from The Economist on the trend in many countries in Asia.

Asia’s lonely hearts

Found an interesting article on how earthquake is measured from USGS (United States Geological Survey). For those who don’t know what is USGS, you can visit Wikipedia for more information.

How an earthquake is measured in this modern era.

Many people think green tea has a wide range of health benefits, especially for its role as a strong anti-oxidant  to curb cancerous cells at bay. Another benefit that people commonly perceived is to reduce blood LDL (bad cholesterol) level.

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Opal oh.. opal

I’ve been wondering for quite some time about this – there are a lot of shops selling opal in Melbourne CBD area. I just found out that opal is the national gem for Australia.

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East and West

In this post, I’d like to share the differences between eastern culture (i.e. Asian in general) and western culture. The icons used in this post were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany.

Some of you may disagree (as I do) to some of the icons, but they represent each culture in general.

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Census on 9 August 2011

For all of you who reside in Australia or will be in Australia on 9 August 2011, please note that you have to participate in the census. Census in Australia is done every five year, and this year is the 100 year of census. I am really looking forward census this year, I will be contributing to the census as a Census Collector. Interested to know what does a Census Collector do? Well, if you do, stay tuned.

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